Kazakhstan teqball Federation

TEQBALL is a new sport based on football that is ideal for developing technical skills, concentration and endurance for both professionals and amateurs! However, not only skill development is possible on this specially curved table. One partner player is enough on the other side of the table (tekboard) and you can immediately play a spectacular sport that is easy to master. After all, if someone knows how to hit the ball at least three times, then he can already achieve success in Teqball!


Teqball is the purest form of football, because the players do not come into physical contact with each other. Therefore, during a Teqball match or training, it is possible to fully exclude injury due to collisions and gross violations. According to the official rules of the game, touching the table is prohibited, which also significantly reduces injuries.


Teqball is not a competitor to football, but quite the opposite! Playing Teqball develops the player's self-confidence, improves his ball handling technique, develops the ability to make quick decisions, and also contributes to the improvement of the so-called "first touch", which is absolutely necessary in the modern high-speed style of playing football.